gumi Inc. From the CEO

  From the CEO

Aiming to be the No.1 provider of social games in the world.

I believe that gumi will become a global company and an example for the young entrepreneurs who carry Japan’s future, and that this will assist with the rejuvenation of Japan.<br /><br />

For about 10 years after graduating from high school, I traveled about China, India, Canada, Central and South America, the US and other countries. When I returned to Japan, I felt that compared to other countries, Japan really lacked vitality. The “lost 10 years” suddenly became 20 years. On top of a strengthening yen and budget deficits, Japan was severely hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Today Japan is facing very tough times.

Unlike the US, China, and other countries, Japan doesn’t have many natural resources and must import oil, iron, food and almost every other necessity from the world. For that reason, the existence of a strong export industry is essential. In the past, the car manufacturing industry and other manufacturing industries were lead by Japan, but recently developing countries such as China and India etc. are taking the lead in these industries. For that reason, in Japan we need a new “industry to build the future.”

Japan’s mobile and in particular social game industry has strong advantages from a global perspective. Japan has well developed experience in mobile internet business, has achieved strong profit performance, and is rich in game and entertainment professionals. These three elements add strength to the social game industry in Japan.

Take, for example, the success of famous Japanese baseball and soccer players overseas. At first they were discouraged and criticized, and the road was hardly smooth. The players that are now famous today grabbed success on the frontier, making way for the next generation, and as a result today Japan is a major player in international baseball and soccer.

The venture business world can be thought about in the same way. gumi becoming a top global company will show the real power of Japan, and provide inspiration to the fledgling venture businesses that carry Japan’s future. I believe this will lead to the revitalization of Japan.

Hironao Kunimitsu

Hironao Kunimitsu


1974 Born in Hyogo, Japan
After graduating from Okayama Senior High School, spent time roaming the world, and traveled to over 30 countries including Asian countries such as China and Tibet, the US, Central and South America.
1996 Entered Fudan University in China
2000 Entered Santa Monica College in the US
2004 Entered Atmovie Inc. and rose to company director the same year.
Produced movies and TV Dramas, and started ventures.
2007 Founded gumi Inc. and became CEO.

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